Monday, May 24, 2021

How to install Anti Adblock script on blogger 2021-Technical Tricks || How to Add Anti Adblock Script in Blogger with Pictures

Are you looking for an Anti Adblock script for your blogger blog?

How to install Anti Adblock script on blogger 2021

In this article, I will share with you the best Anti Adblock script for bloggers and WordPress websites. Just follow the below steps for smooth installation.


Most internet users are using some sort of Adblock extension in their browser to block ads on youtube and other websites. It will impact the earning of site owners who solely rely on Adsense earning.

Now here I provide an Anti Adblock code guys when you use this code on your blog or website, it will block the Adblock web browser extension then enable all ads on your blog.

what is an adblocker?

Adblocker is software or a browser extension to remove or alter online advertising in a web browser or an application.

Why people use Adblocker?

People use Adblocker for various reasons such as to protect their privacy, protect them from malvertising, Save bandwidth, Better user experience, etc.

How adblocker affect your AdSense income?

If a user uses Adblocker on his browser then there will be no ads shown to him and as a result, no impression or click is generated from that user's visit to your website. If adblocker is enabled then it will block all of your ads including all the custom banners ads from amazon or other affiliate programs.

So, to counter the AdBlock extension many popular websites like news websites are now using ads blocker killer script their website.


If this anti Adblock script is enabled on your website then it will not access the user to read the contains until adblocker is disabled. It will show a warning pop-up as shown in the below screenshot to that users to turn off the ad blocker.

how to disable adblocker
how to disable adblocker

It also gives the instruction on how to disable adblocker for that particular website. After disabling the adblocker user have to reload the page to view the full contents. In this way, you can protect your websites from adblockers.

Now you have the idea about how the adblocker huts your overall income.


How to install anti Adblock script in blogger?

To install the anti Adblock script you have to follow the below steps carefully. Make sure to take a backup of your theme before following these steps as a precaution.

Step-1: Login to your blogger dashboard and click on the theme section.

Step-2:Then click on "Edit HTML" section to open HTML Editor.


Then click on Edit HTML section to open HTML Editor.
click on "Edit HTML" section to open HTML Editor.


Step-3: Press Ctrl + F to open search bar and find the code </head>

open search bar and find the code

Step-4: paste the Anti Adblocker script just after the </head> tag and save the code.


Now you have successfully completed the installation of an anti Adblock script on the blogger website.

Download Anti Adblock script or copy from here 👇


Download File


if you face any problem you can directly ask in the telegram group or comment below the post.

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